About Us

Black Star Farm is a vertically integrated rice, feed grains, and poultry production and processing enterprise. Black Star Farm produces irrigated rice, corn, and soybeans on its precision-graded fields twice each calendar year.

Paddy rice is processed through our on-site rice mill, with packaged milled rice sold into the domestic Ghanaian market. The rice bran by-product is processed together with corn and soybeans to create a highly nutritious poultry feed customized for each stage of broiler development. Our modern broiler houses have automated ventilation, lighting, and feed/watering systems.

Broilers are harvested at 2.2 kgs of live weight and taken first to our processing facility, then afterwards kept in cold storage for a few hours to assure product sanitation. Distributors collect boxed refrigerated poultry products for dissemination across Ghana and nearby foreign markets.

Rice husks used as broiler bedding material, now laden with manure, are applied to crop fields prior to planting, thereby completing the synergistic rice/poultry production and processing cycle.